Screaming Queenz

Screaming Queenz Episode 8 - Black Philip is my Homeboy

April 24, 2016

We thought we'd bring ourselves up to speed and take a look at some of the current crop of fright flicks making waves in the horror community. We're getting our broomsticks and baby-paste to fly off with The Witch, and it's pretty clear we alll wanna be under Black Philip's spell, although you should never try to breast-feed a crow. Then we're looking after creepy Brahms the doll in The Boy, taking on a slightly-hot-but-psychotic tattooed stalker in Hush, before descending into hell with big butch Turkish cops in Baskin! AND we still found time to come up with a gay porn alternative to Blumhouse! BUM HOUSE ALL THE WAY. Put your smart phone away and pay attention!