Screaming Queenz Ep 45 - The Greasy Strangler!

August 19, 2017

This one's for all the Hootie Tootie Disco Cuties! Gross-out horror comedy The Greasy Strangler has become a modern cult classic and a staple of stoned, drunken party viewing. Endlessly quotable, mainly disgusting, surreal and downright stupid. You either love it, or you hate it. And it divided the room for us! Hear us thrash it out over whether this film is a work of genius or toilet humour of the worst kind!

Contains poilers, not to mention lots of gross jokes about jizz and shitting the bed!


Screaming Queenz Ep 44 - Fright Night

July 17, 2017

The classic 80s vampire flick with more than a passing resemblance to something a little queer. What links this movie with gay porn, and what went on between Roddy McDowall and Tab Hunter? We talk fangs, femme fatales and fabulous queens in this bloodsucker special. Filthy language and spoilers ahoy!


Screaming Queenz Ep 43 - Mummy Dearest

July 12, 2017

Stephen Moore reviews The Mummy (2017) and it ain't pretty! But then we take on the ACTUAL original - not the Brendan Fraser version. Boris Karloff and Zita Johanne give us life after death in the 1932 Universal monster classic. He's a genius. She's an exquisitely dramatic super-bitch who had some choice words for the ladies of Hollywood. Find out what they were in our new episode which comes with the usual slutty language and spoilers.


Screaming Queenz Ep 42 - Babashook!

June 28, 2017

How the hell did the Babadook suddenly become a gay icon? Is it all a load of BS? Find out with our lighthearted look at a heavy-hearted film. Utterly terrifying, deeply moving and a modern classic, The Babadook was wowing audiences long before he earned his rainbow stripes. We take a look at what makes the movie so damn good. 

Spoilers ahead!


Screaming Queenz Ep 41 - Stage Fright (2014)

June 12, 2017

In our second look at horror musicals we go to Center Stage summer camp for musical theatre nerds. A kabuki (or bukkake?) reimagining of Phantom of the Opera leads to stalk and slash mayhem amongst the all-singing, all-dancing, all-annoying ensemble. The film was a commercial and critical disaster but is it actually a camp classic in the making? Find out here! Spoilers, bad language, and pedo jokes abound. You've been warned!


Screaming Queenz Ep 40 - Video Nasties - The Cannibal Man

June 2, 2017

Poverty porn, Franco's Spain... and Craig David? Never a dull moment when we take on the video nasties, and The Cannibal Man is no exception. Homoerotic Spanish horror never felt this sweaty or grimy, but did it deserve to be a video nasty and does it live up to that title? Spoilers ahead. Get a history lesson and have a laugh at the same time!


Screaming Queenz Ep 39 - Alien Covenant Review

May 20, 2017

Check out our spoiler free review of Alien Covenant - followed by a spoilerific segment. Don't worry. You won't hear anything juicy until you get the horn.

Is it any good? What's so camp about David? Was it SUPPOSED to be so funny? Find out here and give us your feedback - tweet me @jonnylarkin or Jon Butler @cthulhu502!



Screaming Queenz Ep 38 - Little Barbershop of Horrors - Musicals Pt 1

May 12, 2017

Stephen is getting revenge for having to sit through POSSESSION. Yep, we're doing a musicals special! In this first part we look at Little Shop of Horrors and Sweeney Todd. I reveal a surprising crush, Martin is coming for the Disney gays, and Jonathan Butler is on the verge of tears over Somewhere That's Green. And you've heard nothing until you've heard Stephen's musical intros. 'Suddenly Seymour' will never be the same again. You might want to wear goggles.

Spoilers ahoy, and absolute utter filth!


Screaming Queenz Ep 37 - The Lost Boys

April 28, 2017

Feeling nostalgic? Big 80s hair, big 80s music, dry ice and fangs... yep we're off to Santa Carla for Joel Schumacher's 80s classic 'The Lost Boys'. The pinnale of 'sleepover horror', this movie set the bar for making vampires cool. It inspired Buffy, it inspired queer theories about subtext and secret meanings, but it also set its young star Corey Haim off on a spiral of self destruction. We get serious and talk about the dark side of Hollywood, but fear not - there are laughs too, and a LOT of 80s power rock.

Spoilers as always.


Screaming Queenz Ep 36 - PSYCHO

April 14, 2017

"We all go a little mad sometimes..."

After a brief spoiler-free review of The Void, we look at the quintessential slasher, Psycho. Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins star in the Hitchock classic from 1960, where Marion Crane ups and leaves her dead end job and boring life with some stolen loot, hoping to marry her beau John Gavin. But on the way she just has to make one little stop at the Bates Motel. What could possibly go wrong?

An amazing film in every sense and the inspiration for hundreds of slasher movies that came after it, Psycho should be on everyone's list of horror faves. So if you haven't seen it - WATCH IT before you listen to this podcast. There will be spoilers.

Janet Leigh collage art created by Ben Youdan.