Episode 59 - ROPE - Swooning for Leopold&Loeb

March 13, 2018

We're taking a long hard look at Hitchcock's queer classic 'Rope' where Farley Granger and John Dall thumb their handsome noses at the Hayes code and play a queer couple who murder for kicks. OK so they couldn't kiss, touch or tap dance to Judy Garland, but almost every scene in this play-on-film crackles with queer sexual tension between the two... and that's before their mentor Jimmy Stewart shows up... But where did the inspiration come for these twisted queens?

Enter Leopold and Loeb - socialite bright young things who in 1924 killed a young boy for kicks and thought they were above the law. They weren't. But their twisted romance and horrific crime meant the pair went down in history. Not only did they inspire a play by Patrick Hamilton and the movie by Hitch but they inspired Swoon, a 90s avant garde queer art film. We look at both, we celebrate the genius of Hitch (again) but we also have a right old laugh about butt plugs, flip-flopping tops and bottoms, and reveal which queer heart throb COULD have played opposite Farley Granger... if he hadn't been so painfully closeted.

Spoilers, bad puns and frankly disgusting humour ahoy!


Episode 58 - Silence of the Lambs

March 2, 2018

Bridging the gap between thriller and horror, Silence of the Lambs has earned its status as a classic in the eyes of mainstream movie lovers and horror freaks alike. Pushing the fiendish horror icon Hannibal the Cannibal into the Oscar race, Silence made a big splash on its release and continues to be a firm favourite to this day. So what makes it so good? And why does it have such a chequered history with its LGBT audience? Grab yourself a nice chianti and watch out for flying jizz. This episode is rude, lewd and dangerous to know.



Episode 57 - My Bloody Valentine Original v Remake

February 14, 2018

It's our Valentine's special which means we're all feeling extra filthy as we take on Harry Warden and his big hard pick-axe! My Bloody Valentine (1981) is a Canadian slasher classic, neutered for years by the MPAA before finally being unleashed in all its skin-boiling, heart-ripping glory. It was then remade in 3D with added insipid TV stars and CGI in 2009 - some of us loved it, some of us hated it! But why? And which film comes out on top, the original or the remake? Settle down, shut off your social media and escape the onslaught of Capitalist monsters Clinton Cards and Hallmark and indulge yourself in a rude, funny and utterly terrifying ride through a subversive slash-a-thon. Not only do we take on a slasher giant but I'm dishing the dirt on what connects MBV to gay porn icon Jeff Stryker, Stephen confesses to why he ended up topless being stroked on Snapchat, Martin talks about that time his period was in sync with everyone else in his office, and Jonathan B gives us a fascinating insight into the world of non-female submarines...



Episode 56 - SCREAM

February 4, 2018

Mainstream horror took a nosedive in the mid 90s until the popcorn-munching masses had their spines tingled and egos massaged by Kevin Williamson's knowing script for a little movie called SCREAM. Horror legend Wes Craven directed this self-referential juggernaut that breathed life back into the multiplex-friendly scary movie genre. Whilst poking fun at the tropes of classic slashers it also used them to its advantage, terrifying everyone with that first 10 minutes before giving them a laugh for the remainder of the film. Are you a fan of Scream? Are we?? Stephen definitely is, whereas I've got my reservations. Hear all about it in our new episode which comes with a healthy dose of bad taste and spoilers!


Episode 55 - The Birds

January 5, 2018

"Get that seagull some tofu!" 

We're taking on the Hitchcock classic 'The Birds' which has gone down in history as one of the best nature vs humanity horrors, and also has a place in the hearts of anyone who likes their horror served up with a massive dollop of camp. Tippi Hedren is a legend - drag queens love her, gays love her, straights love her. But can she act? And most importantly just what do you call the shade of green she wears throughout the film? We look at the role of women in film in 1963 - and how revolutionary Tippi actually was. We also revel in the sheer brilliance of Hitchcock and his cast. Plug up your fireplace and turn all the lights out - you're gonna love this one!


Episode 54 - Ghost Stories For Christmas

December 21, 2017

Join us around the fire with a mince pie and a glass of sherry - we're telling Ghost Stories! Celebrating the creaky creepy old BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas, we take on everything from vengeful spirits to cruising round the signal box after dark. Poor Stephen is terrified by the thought of life when TV channels ended at midnight, not to mention the hurdy gurdy, whilst Martin is offering petit fores and Jonathan Butler keeps pulling the rug out from under us with revelatory plot twists! It's a fun bumper creepy episode of our horror podcast marking our 3rd birthday on air! God bless (help) us everyone!


Episode 53 - Nosferatu vs The Manster!

December 1, 2017

If you're still gutted Halloween is over fear not - we saved our third Halloween special for when you'd need it most! Warm yourself by the fire with Jonathan Butler and Martin Fenerty's picks for Halloween viewing - from the sublime Nosferatu (1922) to the ridiculous The Manster (1959). The pinnacle of expressionist horror goes up against atomic monster drive-in trash - hear all about the darkly queer end to FW Murnau's life, the campness of Count Orlok, and shriek in horror at Martin's shoulder-eye.

Spoilers ahoy! Sink your teeth in and send us your feedback - screamingqueenz@gmail.com


Episode 52 - The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

November 16, 2017

We're taking a queer-slanted look at the much-lauded first giallo from Dario Argento, the film that set in motion the tide of gialli to come out of Italy in the 70s. The Bird With The Crystal Plumage is a taut, stylish thriller with not one but TWO queer characters - but how did this product of its time aimed at a macho audience stand up to an LGBT grilling in 2017? Only one way to find out! See what gialli have in common with Scooby Doo and telenovelas, hear all about Turd Girl's First Date, not to mention Daddy Creamy, the Vagina Eye and the Screaming Mimi. We're on form in this very funny episode. Giallo fans will never look at an art gallery the same again...


Screaming Queenz Ep 51 - The Descent

October 27, 2017

Take the plunge this Halloween with our look at Neil Marshall's British horror 'The Descent'. Dubbed 'chicks with picks', this is Stephen's choice of Halloween viewing. Although, shockingly, not all the Screaming Queenz think this film is THAT amazing. Find out why. There are spoilers, a ton of bad language, and terrible jokes about lemons. Tool up. We're going down!


Screaming Queenz Ep 50 - Halloween

October 25, 2017

It's only right that our 50th episode should fall on Halloween - and what better excuse to look at my favourite horror movie of all time. 1978's seminal horror classic Halloween, directed by John Carpenter and starring the Queen of Horror Jamie Lee Curtis, still scares audience to this day. And no matter how many times Michael Myers is shot, stabbed or remade by Rob Zombie we still can't get enough of him - but why? What sets him apart as the ultimate slasher? Find out in our new episode. Spoilers ahoy!