Screaming Queenz

Screaming Queenz Episode 3 - Video Nasties

February 3, 2016

Did you know Liverpool had its very own Grindhouse cinema? Did you know that Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, actually WASN'T a video nasty? You learn something new every day. In this episode we're taking a look at a handful of the films banned in the UK by our right wing Tory government who didn't want us working class people deciding what we could and couldn't watch. Everything from Wes Craven's nihilistic Last House on the Left to the goat-raping incest killers of Island of Death... with cannibals, drills, and an ill-fated Greek homosexual who died with a devastating smokey evening eye.

To avoid fainting keep repeating, it's only a podcast, it's only a podcast...