Screaming Queenz Ep 32 - Video Nasties: Possession

February 24, 2017

"This is a movie about a woman who fucks an octopus."

Oh yeah, spoiler alert.

Looking back at the Video Nasties hysteria that swept through the UK in the early 80s, we decided to try something different. And it doesn't come more different that Andrzej Zulawski's polarising arthouse horror 'Possession.' Everybody has a strong opinion about this movie, and the Screaming Queenz are no different. Some of us hate it, some of us love it, and we are not holding back! Spoilers and very bad language lie ahead as a movie about the breakdown of a marriage divides our gang. Who will come out unscathed? Well Martin's got hold of an electric carver, Jonathan's lying face down in the bath and Stephen holds the answer to everything - vegan chicken! Whereas I'm headed for the local subway tunnel with a Netto bag full of eggs and milk and a very dodgy feeling in my stomach... It's gonna get messy!




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