Screaming Queenz

Episode 120 - Fright

February 20, 2021


Join Jonny Larkin and special guest star Steve Hughes as they trawl through ‘FRIGHT’, an obscure British shocker from 1971. A predecessor to Halloween and When A Stranger Calls, Fright follows a nubile young babysitter stuck in a rambling country manor with a psychopath breathing down her neck. Surprisingly sleazy, Fright wastes no time in getting its star Susan George out of her clothes, whilst Honor Blackman swooshes about in a cape and Dennis Waterman dons some aubergine bell bottoms to perv over the beleaguered babysitter. But is Fright a delight? Or a bit shite? Find out with our spoilery review, and also hear about Steve’s first ever wet dream about one of the stars of the film. Oh yes. We keep it classy at Screaming Queenz. Not for the eagerly offended.

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