Screaming Queenz

Ep 123 - Urban Legend

April 9, 2021

Jonny Larkin is joined by OG Screaming Queen Stephen Moore for a camp, nostalgic trip down 90s slasher lane with Urban Legend. Released at the height of the Scream rip-off era, Urban Legend received lukewarm reviews and was seen as a shameless cash-in. But 23 years later it’s receiving a reappraisal. And rightly so! Littered with 90s TV stars and building a stalk-and-slash romp around popular urban legends, it offers jumps, laughs, and one of the 90s’ most memorable psycho performances. There’s even a bonus chat with Sleazy Queen Andy Roberts who has penned an essay for the 88 Films Blu Ray box set release. So crack open a can of Pepsi, guzzle some popping candy and enjoy!

Spoilers ahead – and lots of references to cum guzzling (standard).

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