Screaming Queenz Ep 21 - Evil Women!

October 7, 2016

In a two part special we're looking at Scream Queens on the flipside of the horror coin - the evil women! Stephen chose Troma-tasic Mother's Day (1980), a trashy rape-revenge slasher with a wicked maniacal matriarch pulling the strings. And then Martin goes for the classic 'Misery' in which Kathy Bates brings the pain to poor laid up writer James Caan. Listen to this podcast if only for Stephen and Martin's impressions of Ms Bates...

Spoilers ahoy, lots of bad language and our usual brand of wicked humour! Part 2 will be out next week.


Screaming Queenz Ep 20 - Blair Witch (2016) Review

September 19, 2016

We take a look at the new Blair Witch movie - is it any good? Find out here. There are spoilers so beware. Then I review Don't Breathe, Stephen reviews Lights Out, Jonathan reviews Evolution, and Martin tells us all about the Wolf Creek series. Not to mention our thoughts on Empire's Top 50 Horror movies...

There's bad language and spoilers!


Screaming Queenz Ep 19 - Wicca, Please! Part 2

September 16, 2016

In this second part of our witch special, we're getting deep and asking some pretty important questions. The whole witch myth - is it just another tool used to punish women who don't conform? Is it a projection of our fears of getting old and turning into hags? Most important of all though - is Katie Hopkins the descendant of Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins??

Looking at Baba Yaga, City of the Dead, Haxan, Rosemary's Baby, House of the Devil, and Witchfinder General...

Screaming Queenz Ep 18 - Cruising

September 2, 2016

Hips or lips?

Cruising (1980) directed by William Friedkin was, and still is, one of the most controversial films ever made. Blasted by the gay community, accused of homophobia from the offset (before it was even made), this important piece of queer history is also a damn fine giallo. So what do you think of it? With snippets of its amazing punk funk soundtrack, this podcast contains a lot of sex talk and spoilers. Grease up and enjoy.


Screaming Queenz Ep 17 - Giallo

August 26, 2016

From the fashion house massacre of Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace, to Dario Argento's prog-rock gender fluid nightmare Deep Red, to the otherworldly regional horror of Pupi Avati's House with Laughing WIndows, we're dipping our toe in the big messy puddle of style that is the giallo film. So cool it hurts - literally - the giallo film is a staple of Italian cinema that mixes crime thriller and horror with a healthy dose of gender politics and fabulous interiors... not to mention a smattering of queer characters who pop up in the most unlikely places.

So if you're new to giallo, delve in with us. If you're a seasoned vet, see how we get on with our first foray into the black leather gloved mayhem. And if we get hysterical just slap us and take us to bed.

Spoiler alert. Bad language alert. Why else would you listen? ;-)

Screaming Queenz Ep 16 - The Shallows Review

August 15, 2016

In this bite-sized (see what we did there) edition we review current shark shocker The Shallows. SPOILER FREE! Stephen reveals his secret past as a surf dude, Martin's got his guns out, Jonathan's blushing at the thought of Blake Lively's boobs, and I just want to see Taylor Swift get eaten by a shark. Standard.


Screaming Queenz Ep 15 - Howling Queenz!

August 9, 2016
"I consume lots of human fluids that are wilfully given..." are words actually spoken during this one. We take on Cursed, the Wes Craven misfire from 2005 that had CGI that made Buffy Season 1 look like Lord of the Rings, not to mention a career low for Christina Ricci and a waxwork that looks like Jane McDonald.

Then after all that bad movie trauma (and a lot of bitching) we're off to The Colony to recuperate. Yep, Joe Dante's 1980 classic The Howling saves the day and proves that not every werewolf needs a silver bullet. We pay homage to scream queen Dee Wallace, amazing FX by Rob Bottin, and the creepy porno theatres of downtown LA!

Screaming Queenz Ep 14 - Bride of Frankenstein

July 24, 2016

"She's alive! ALIVE!" 

Queer director James Whale invited us to the wedding of the century when he brought us The Bride of Frankenstein. Theatrical, operatic, and one of the most beautifully made horror movies in history, The Bride was unapologetically gay. From its overtly camp villain Dr Pretorius to its shunned mistunderstood outcast The Monster, there was a hell of a lot for a queer audience to get their claws into, and we celebrate everything from Una O'Connor's camp turn as Minnie to Valerie Hobson's devastating maribou trim.

We do talk about the horror too. And then we take a look at Gods and Monsters, the gorgeous James Whale biopic starring Sir Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser.

So get your best wedding frock on and we'll see you at the buffet table. Be warned though... we always die at weddings!

Screaming Queenz Ep 13 - Wicca, Please! Part 1

July 16, 2016

"We are the weirdos, Mr!"

Why do queer audiences identify so much with witches? From evil queens to high school outcasts, we've always been down with the Wicca.

In this episode we're joining the Bitches of Eastwick and strutting through the school halls in slow-mo with 90s highschool witchcraft horror The Craft. Then we debate whether Hocus Pocus is actually any good, before rounding out the 90s with The Blair Witch Project. Somewhere in there we squeeze in American Horror Story Coven, and Jonathan Butler reveals the shocking truth about his chinchillas...

Oh and has anyone else spotted the 'going out cunting' line in Blair Witch? Listen and hear it for yourself!

Part 2 to follow...

Screaming Queenz Ep 12 - Sleepaway Camp!

June 29, 2016

Get out your crop top and cut-off denims and plaster on that 80s porno 'tash. We're going to camp. And camp it is. Arguably one of the most queer horror movies ever made, Sleepaway Camp has caused controversy over the years thanks to THAT ending. Not to mention the comedy paedophile chef, rather dangerous use of heated curling tongs and more male flesh on show than a Jeff Stryker movie. But is it transphobic, or just a misunderstood product of its time?

Listen to our take on the movie - and get involved. Email us your feedback!