Screaming Queenz Ep 29 - Neon Demon

January 20, 2017

After a quick spin through what we loved and loathed in 2016, we're throwing up everything we've ever eaten and hitting the catwalk for Nicolas Winding Refn's glossy nightmare vision, 'The Neon Demon'. What does it all mean? Is it actually horror? And most importantly, what is your shade of lipstick? Hear our's in this our first podcast as a group in 2017. And check out our fancy new opening!

Spoilers and bad language from the get-go!


Screaming Queenz Ep 28 - Giallo A Venezia!

January 9, 2017

The first podcast of 2017 with special guest Rachael Nisbet. We discuss the seedier end of the giallo spectrum with the 1979 dubious classic 'Giallo a Venezia'. Giving New York Ripper a run for its money, this little known dirty secret of the giallo genre will make your eyes water. We're horrified and enraptured to discuss this one together. And giggle a LOT at the word 'Fanny'. 

Spoilers ahoy - and a lot of bad language.


Screaming Queenz Ep 27 - Silent Night, Krampus Night!

December 23, 2016

Ever wanted to hear Mariah Carey butchered by Billy in Silent Night, Deadly Night? Then this is the podcast for you! In our second Christmas special we take a look at the cult 1984 slasher flick starring the hottest serial killer in town, then we take on the recent Krampus movie. In the middle of all this we manage to throw some major Mariah shade, and take in a Christmas ghost story or two...

Spoilers ahead - and a hell of a lot of dirty language! PUNISHHHH!


Screaming Queenz Ep 26 - Black Christmas!

December 10, 2016

We're full of scary festive queer cheer for Christmas! Talking ghost stories, the time I saw a creepy Santa creeping up my stairs, checking our lists to see who's been naughty and nice... and we're off to our favourite festive sorority house for the 1974 classic 'Black Christmas'.

Considered the blueprint for the slasher genre, the quirky Canadian horror features Margot Kidder as a camp fabulous drunk, and Olivia Hussey answering the phone a LOT. Not to mention a foul mouthed psycho killer, a drunken sorority mother and my favourite daddy crush John Saxon.

Check out our take on Black Christmas but be warned - spoilers ahead, and the C word. A LOT.


Screaming Queenz Ep 25 - Daughters of Darkness

November 25, 2016

First up we reveal which of the Scream Queens we celebrated in our Halloween special actually didn't like being called a scream queen... can you guess who DM'd us to tell us? Listen and find out!

Then we're off to an empty hotel in rain-soaked Ostend with the Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the Dietrich-styled lesbian vampire who's been swooshing about the planet looking devastating for over 500 years! Hear our gay gasps as we talk through this queer horror classic which doesn't get the praise it deserves.



Screaming Queenz Ep 24 - Tenebrae

November 11, 2016

We're hungover to death and we're tackling Dario Argento's Tenebrae. But even with hangovers we love this movie. Cited by some as Argento's most misogynist giallo, is it misunderstood? A knowing wink to his critics giving them exactly what they like to accuse him of? Whatever way you look at it Tenebrae is a psycho-sexual tour de force, effortlessly stylish, surprisingly forward-thinking for a queer audience, and has some of the best kills in horror history. 

So sit back, nurse your hangover with us, and enjoy our take on a giallo classic! 

Warning: SPOILERS!

Screaming Queenz Ep 23 - Scream Queens! Halloween Special

October 29, 2016

Something's gone wrong this Halloween. We're drinking beers and reading Playboy - but there is a rational explanation for this. Sort of. In our bumper Halloween episode we're looking at that staple of the horror genre - the Scream Queen! Fay Wray in Doctor X, Adrienne Barbeau in The Fog, Barbara Crampton in From Beyond, and Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring. But this being the trashiest queer horror podcast on the web, we also talk dwarf porn, masturbating mental patients and Ken Foree in very tight underwear. 

Spoilers ahead, and lots of bad language. Trick or treat!

Screaming Queenz Ep 22 - Evil Women Part 2

October 14, 2016

In Part Two of our look at evil women in horror we're off to Japan to audition our dream ladies... they have to be really good with cheese-wire and look fabulous in a rubber apron. Any ideas? Asami from Audition is Jonathan Butler's choice, whilst I'm going back to the 80s and revisiting my childhood heroine, Clare Higgins as Julia in Hellraiser. Our talk gets filthy so cover your ears if you're easily offended. It's that wicked Uncle Frank, bringing out the worst in us...


Screaming Queenz Ep 21 - Evil Women!

October 7, 2016

In a two part special we're looking at Scream Queens on the flipside of the horror coin - the evil women! Stephen chose Troma-tasic Mother's Day (1980), a trashy rape-revenge slasher with a wicked maniacal matriarch pulling the strings. And then Martin goes for the classic 'Misery' in which Kathy Bates brings the pain to poor laid up writer James Caan. Listen to this podcast if only for Stephen and Martin's impressions of Ms Bates...

Spoilers ahoy, lots of bad language and our usual brand of wicked humour! Part 2 will be out next week.


Screaming Queenz Ep 20 - Blair Witch (2016) Review

September 19, 2016

We take a look at the new Blair Witch movie - is it any good? Find out here. There are spoilers so beware. Then I review Don't Breathe, Stephen reviews Lights Out, Jonathan reviews Evolution, and Martin tells us all about the Wolf Creek series. Not to mention our thoughts on Empire's Top 50 Horror movies...

There's bad language and spoilers!