Screaming Queenz

Screaming Queenz Ep 15 - Howling Queenz!

August 9, 2016
"I consume lots of human fluids that are wilfully given..." are words actually spoken during this one. We take on Cursed, the Wes Craven misfire from 2005 that had CGI that made Buffy Season 1 look like Lord of the Rings, not to mention a career low for Christina Ricci and a waxwork that looks like Jane McDonald.

Then after all that bad movie trauma (and a lot of bitching) we're off to The Colony to recuperate. Yep, Joe Dante's 1980 classic The Howling saves the day and proves that not every werewolf needs a silver bullet. We pay homage to scream queen Dee Wallace, amazing FX by Rob Bottin, and the creepy porno theatres of downtown LA!