Screaming Queenz

Screaming Queenz Ep 13 - Wicca, Please! Part 1

July 16, 2016

"We are the weirdos, Mr!"

Why do queer audiences identify so much with witches? From evil queens to high school outcasts, we've always been down with the Wicca.

In this episode we're joining the Bitches of Eastwick and strutting through the school halls in slow-mo with 90s highschool witchcraft horror The Craft. Then we debate whether Hocus Pocus is actually any good, before rounding out the 90s with The Blair Witch Project. Somewhere in there we squeeze in American Horror Story Coven, and Jonathan Butler reveals the shocking truth about his chinchillas...

Oh and has anyone else spotted the 'going out cunting' line in Blair Witch? Listen and hear it for yourself!

Part 2 to follow...